NYC kids intimidate me

I have the pleasure of teaching in the suburbs outside of New York. These kids are great. They are exposed to enough of the ‘big city’ to be spunky and sassy but are still surrounded by the shelter of a small town in the suburbs. ¬†For a good while I never had the experience of really knowing a born and bred NYC/Brooklyn/Queens kids. The first time I was ever exposed to this rare breed of human was in college. A good friend of mine was a born and raised Brooklyn boy who went to performing arts school in the city. I found that this college freshman was more independent than I am even today, was sharper in large social situations, was more savvy when it came to getting from place to place and most importantly was so aware of the world around him and because of this had a type of confidence some would say was cocky, yet I would say, was honest. Of course, this is NOT to say that kids who grow up in even the smallest of hamlets cannot develop these skills, but rather that NYC kids tend to be exposed to far more at a young age than those of us who grew up in other places.

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