One Liners Part 2

I look very young for my age.  I remember a time when I walked into the middle school I choreograph for  and the security guard asked me where my hall pass was. I am carded for alcohol, R rated movies and am constantly mistaken for a teenager or a college student. Mind you, I am not far from a college student but still, when you hold a college degree you hope that there is a certain level of maturity and wisdom that radiates around you. The only thing radiating around me is a gaggle of teenage boys thinking I am their age.

No matter how young I look or am for that matter, there are times when teaching kids makes me feel old. My body cracks and pulls from dancing in ways it didn’t used to, all of them were born in the late 90’s or 2000’s, none of them know what clam shell VHS covers are, none of them have ever made a mix tape they’ve only burned CD’s… the list goes on.

The main youth theater company I work for, the one that did Spring Awakening, Wedding Singer and Avenue Q, is also the company I grew up in. It holds a very special place in my heart and my life for that reason. Well, the other day I was talking about what the company was like when I was a student there. This kid that I have known for 4 or so years now,who has learned how to sass me up and down says:

HA. When you were in the program who was President? Nixon?

Actually it was the last year of Clinton’s term! Sheesh


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