One Liners Part 1

Most of the time, it is hard to really put some of the things that happen into a post able story. The phrase ‘you had to be there’ or ‘ you need to know the kids’ absolutely comes into play in this specific blog. Sometimes, it is just the simple one liners that come out no nowhere, cause a ruckus and then vanish that make a situation memorable and blogable (yup, blogable)

My plan is to have a series of ‘One Liner’ blogs that briefly explain the who?, what?, where?, when?, why? factors, without the epic story

Tech of Hairspray Jr was absolute hell. We were in tech from 3pm-9pm every evening after the kids had been in school all day. They were losing, as they had every right to be, but because they were losing it, the staff was also losing it. So, in an effort to keep the 15 principle characters on stage quiet, I went on stage with them during a hold to try to have a group conversation. One person talking is significantly better than 15 kids screaming.

One of the little peanuts in the cast had just gotten a puppy. So she whipped her phone, a nicer phone than I had at the time, out of her UGG boot and begins showing me the slew of pictures she had of her new puppy. The loudness began again, screaming about this adorable little black lab and everyone screaming about the kinds of animals they have.

“Well, I have four cats at home’ I said trying to focus their attention

From the back of this clump of kids, one girl screams to me

‘Four CATS. Giiirrrlll. I hope you have a boyfriend’

Problem was at this point she had to scream over all the kids so everyone heard her including every tech guy and the band.

Second problem. I couldn’t even say YES! OF COURSE I DO! Because, that would be lying. And I try to teach the kids not to do that.


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