Children Will Listen

I work with lots of different directors and musical directors. Not to mention set designers, lighting designers, costume designers, producers, stage managers what have you. But in the summer of 2010, some miraculous being swooped down from the heavens and put me with the greatest, most fun, well oil machine youth theater trifecta of happiness. Director, Music Director and Choreographer all blending together to form what I call, the dream team.

I had worked with the director before, this red-headed bundle of spunk and energy who is an outstanding performer as well as director. we shall call her ‘A’. I had also worked with the musical director before, a positive, warm, spiky haired, Berklee college of music Alum who we shall call ‘T’. While I knew and admired both of their work and personalities, all 3 of us had never worked together on the same project. Every summer, I look forward to the dream team. This upcoming summer will be our 3rd together.

‘T’ and I are best friends. We are so close that many people think we are dating and on many occasions we have been able to convince some of the kids we are married. It doesn’t help that I call him my husband and he calls me his wife. It doesn’t help that anytime I can’t find him I ask ‘Where is my husband?. It doesn’t help that we come in the same car to work, that we are always seen together everywhere and that I like to hug him because he’s cute. It also doesn’t help that I think it’s funny when the kids think we are actually together. For the record: We are NOT.

‘A’ has a wonderful husband and an absolutely perfect 6 year old son, ‘N’. I spend a good amount of time with her and her family. There are my second family. ‘A’ is one of the best mentors I ever could have asked for. She is a bit like a big sister while also being totally awesome! I am smitten with ‘N’. I babysit him and go over to play with him on nights I am hanging out at the house. He is also becoming more comfortable with ‘T’. They began to bond over their love of everything Star Wars.


One night, ‘T’ and I showed up to the house with an authentic storm trooper costume that ‘T’ bought as a preset to himself. (That shows you how much he loves Star Wars). ‘N’ lost it! To be honest, I lost it a little bit. This costume was the coolest thing he had ever seen. They both got dressed up and we took pictures, made movies, had light saber battles and pretty much made a little boy’s evening. That entire night, I kept calling for ‘hubby’ to do things, or ‘hubby’ to pose for a picture of saying ‘hubby you look so good’. Woops!

The next week, ‘N’ was in rehearsal for a younger kids production the youth theater is doing. None of the ‘dream team’ works with the little kids but the staff is small and the we all stay up to date on what each age group is doing. In this particular rehearsal all the kids had to say something awesome that happened to them last week. So when it got to N’s turn, what do you think he said? Mind you, he is 6.

My good friend Lexie and her husband came over. Her husband has a storm trooper costume so he put it on and I put on my clone trooper helmet and we played star wars. We made movies and had a light saber battle. 





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